This is a fast-growing opportunity to help grow your Bitcoin and make it work for you, instead of leaving it in your wallet where it will do nothing.

You can earn from 5 different income streams with MTI

  1. Daily trading profits through investing your Bitcoin
  2. Compounded daily profit share on your account
  3. 10% referral bonus
  4. Share in a 20% binary bonus pool
  5. Share in a 5% leadership pool

Additional benefits with MTI

  1. No admin fees
  2. No membership fees
  3. No subscriptions or packages
  4. No cost for depositing or withdrawing funds
  5. Requests paid within 48 hours

Videos on all aspects of the business are available once you sign up, and we will be happy to help guide you and set you on the road to financial freedom. 


Daily trading profits by investing your Bitcoin

When you register with Mirror Trading International, you can join with any amount of Bitcoin (within 7 days), which will go into your trading pool. From there it is traded on your behalf using advanced digital software and artificial intelligence (AI) on the international Forex markets. So no trading knowledge is necessary at all. This is all you need to do should you wish to just invest and sit back while your Bitcoin quietly grows at a slow but steady pace.

Trading details

  • Tradings are done on your behalf from Mondays to Fridays (not weekends).
  • At this point the trading is realising a profit of about *10% a month, but this is a conservative quote and in reality the profits may be higher. We like to understate rather than promise the moon!

Compounded daily profit share

Compound interest refers to the principle that when you save money, as well as earning interest on the savings, you also earn interest on the interest itself. Therefore, every day that the money is in your account you are earning interest on each previous day's interest.

Referral bonuses by referring your friends

Should you wish to refer anyone to MTI, you will receive a 10% commission of your referrals investment amount, paid into your account within hours of the new account being approved.

Earn binary bonuses by growing your team

If you would like to build a team, this is where you stand to make some excellent money. Based on the  traditional binary system, you will need to refer at least two people, one on the left 'leg' and one on the right 'leg'. From there you can find out from your up-line which leg you should concentrate on building. To qualify for the  weekly binary bonuses you will need to have a minimum of $200 in your own position, and have the two referrals with $100 each. As soon as these criteria are in place, you will start earning the binaries. Binary bonuses are paid on the volume invested in your smaller leg. It doesn't rely on the number of people, but rather how much each individual has invested in the pool. 

For example, the left leg may have two people who invested $1000 each, but the right leg has 7 people who invested $100 each, therefore the right leg in this case is the smaller leg and you will be paid accordingly.

Earn leadership bonuses by helping your direct referrals become binary qualified

Start helping your direct referrals to become binary qualified, and start receiving leadership bonuses. Some are paid out for 8 weeks and some for eternity. Watch the below video for more information on this.

 Start today and grow your Bitcoin


This information shared  is not to be  considered as financial advice. As members of MTI, we are not  financial advisers, and we are merely sharing our personal experience  of this opportunity. We cannot guarantee that you will  experience the same results. Remember, your trading pool balance will fluctuate with the changing Bitcoin price, but your Bitcoin WILL be growing, and when the price of Bitcoin rises, you will be perfectly placed to take full advantage.